ColorCache Release History

Release Date
v5.0.4.0 18th April 2018
- Fix: Dropper capture no longer loses the cursor if the mouse is moved rapidly on Windows 10.
v5.0.3.0 1st March 2018
- Export Palette to Browser now uses currently selected color format, rather than hex rgb.
v5.0.2.0 5th Oct 2017
- Changed html page launch to eliminate problems with some browsers.

- Auto zoom now defaults to "off" in Preview app

v5.0.1.0 18th Jan 2017
- Updated installer

- Double code-signed for Windows 10

v5.0 30th Oct 2013
Totally Redesigned HTML Preview
Whereas version 4 could only operate on locally held, specially formatted html pages, version 5 can now operate on live sites without any modification. Pretty much anything you can view in Internet Explorer can be loaded into the new preview window and instantly viewed with different color schemes you've created.

Support for high DPI systems
Customers who are running a recent operating system such as Windows 7/8 and have a high DPI monitor set to use scaling for easier viewing can now enjoy ColorCache at the proper size without any loss of sharpness.

v4.2.1 3rd May 2013 - Updated installer.
- Some compatibility changes for Win 8.
v4.2 28th Feb 2011 - Fix: double-click editing preference now held across sessions
- Provided easier access to color format editing through format combo.
- Can now configure the status bar to show multiple color formats in your preferred order.
- Some compatibility changes.
v4.1.3 22nd Dec 2010 - Fixed failure and possible crash when invoking dropper in certain configurations.
v4.1.2 1st Oct 2010 - Fix: Under Windows 7, dropper tool in Palette Builder now allows more time for window animation when "minimze on dropper" is set.
- Fix: Multi-paste facility now works correctly with newer Photoshop dialogs under Windows 7
3rd June 2009
- Adjust Colors screen now allows use of color wheel and direct value entry for single colors
- Installer updated (improvements for Vista)
- Fix: Editor now accommodates much larger css files
- Fix: HTML Preview import wizard columns correctly sized
- Fix: Occasional UAE when exiting HTML Preview under Vista
28th April 2008
- Fix: Handle leak in process monitoring for Pin to Program
- Installer updated (improvements for Vista)
23rd January 2008
- Fix: Steps taken to reduce chances of incompletely drawn background when invoking dropper from Palette Builder
5th October 2007
- Added new default color format for Delphi, "Delphi BGR".
- Fix: Steps taken to reduce chances of incompletely drawn background when invoking dropper
- Fix: Toolbar icon size correctly synchronized between main window and Palette Builder / Preview windows
- Fix: Fonts used in certain dialogs changed to support ClearType on LCD monitors
31st July 2007
- Some small bugfixes for license key handling
28th June 2007
- New HTML Preview Window. ColorCache 4's new preview window applies color changes to a sample web page in real time. You can import your own web pages as new samples and try different color schemes, seeing the results instantly.

- Multi-Box Paste. This new paste facility breaks a color specification apart and automatically pastes the separate values (such as red, green and blue) into separate boxes in the target program.

- Improved Toolbar Customization. The main toolbar now supports large and small icons and more flexible resizing.

11th Apr 2007
Changes to work around DEP problems on Vista and Windows Server 2003 SP2.
27th Feb 2007
Improvements to installer for Vista
4th Jan 2007
Fixed incompatibility with certain Computer Associates
20th Nov 2006
Vista compatibility, based on Vista RC2
Improved appearance of toolbars
Improved appearance and behavior of drop hue/saturation/lightness controls
Improved h/s/l adjustment when multiple colors are selected
Various usability tweaks
5th Sept 2006
Fixed: under certain circumstances ColorCache could "go behind" the desktop window when using Pin to Program.
Fixed: on some PCs, ColorCache could prompt to save changes twice during a restart/shutdown.
14th July 2006
New feature: "Pin to Program". ColorCache can now remember the window size, position and color format you typically use with your favorite HTML and graphics programs and restore them automatically. See the Help for more details.
Some enhancements to color format editing
14th April 2006
Improved menu handling and display.
Changes to ensure compatibility with Windows Vista
21st February 2006
Dropper tool can now capture the average color. Hold down the "A" key while using the standard dropper, or use the dedicated average color dropper.
Help window no longer stays on top of ColorCache
23rd December 2005
New preview templates added, existing previews improved
New default formula sets added (see Release Notes for details)
Some cosmetic improvements.  
20th September 2005
Tooltips in main window now show color spec as well as color name.
Tooltips enabled for colors in Palette Builder, showing the color spec
Corrected formatting error when named color is dragged onto Palette Builder.
8th August 2005
Color names are now preserved by the Illustrator export function.
Cosmetic changes
15th June 2005
Added support for Fireworks variant of Photoshop color table (.ACT)
There are now three different color sizes in report view: small,
medium and large
Can now choose what action to take when a color is double-clicked: set name or edit color values.
4th May 2005
Reverted to original ini/formula loading method for W2k/XP/2003 as the method introduced in v3.1.1.0 caused problems for a minority of W2K/XP/2003 users.
11th April 2005
Added support for "Lab" color format in Photoshop Swatch (.aco) files.
Current scroll position is saved and restored when switching between palettes.
Appearance improved on computers using Large or custom font sizes. This will be particularly welcome for users of recent Dell laptops and anybody using high DPI displays.
The incompatibility problem between version and some computers running Windows 98 and Windows Me with IE6 has been fixed. There's now *no* need for a separate install package for those platforms.
8th February 2005
Import Palette from XML now extended to allow import from full ColorCache files (previously only exported single-page files were eligible for re-import)
Fixes to drawing issues on certain operating sytems.
13th January 2005
Bug Fix - Resolves issue with control display when using Windows 2000 display schemes
9th December 2004
Bug Fix - Some color calculations modified following reports of anomalies on certain PCs. The anomalies may have been caused by slight hardware instability when doing floating point calculations, or by differences in fp results across different families of processor.
21st November 2004
New source color selection tools including dropper tool, color wheel and direct entry of hue, saturation and lightness values.
Hold hue, saturation and ligtness in Palette Builder to restrict source to a specific range.
Expand builder window to view multiple formula results at once, or shrink to lock into single formula mode.
Change background color of formula results window (preview window).
A wider range of built-in color formulas including ramps, progressions, web site color schemes and a selection of harmonies.
Import, Export and define your own color formulas
Edit built-in color formulas
Reverse engineer color formulas from existing color schemes
New palette layout options include auto-layout, manual layout and report view
Change background color of palette
Sort palette colors by color name, hue, saturation or lightness
Greater control over size and shape of main ColorCache window
Import & Export MS Pal (.PAL)
Import & Export Phototshop Swatch (.ACO)
Import & Export Photoshop Color Table (.ACT)
Import & Export as XML
Export Freehand Swatch (.ACF)
Export Illustrator Swatch (.AI)
Export as CSS
Preview your color schemes in real web pages. Choose from a variety of built-in HTML preview pages.
Define your own HTML preview pages.
Customizable toolbar.
Automatically minimize main ColorCache window when dropper invoked.
Suppress individual confirmation dialogs
30th April 2004
Bug fix to Photoshop .ACO import (HSB colors now correct)
Photoshop version 2 .ACOs now supported, so swatch color names are preserved.
26th February 2004
Generates distributable, on-line versions of palettes, swatches and color schemes. Ideal for sending to customers and colleagues.
Print palettes and palette collections.
Customizable templates for on-line and printable palettes.
10th December 2003
Optionally give each color a label.
Load and save collections of palettes as .XML files.
Import & export in Photoshop Color Table (.act) or Photoshop Color Swatch (.aco) format.
Minimize to system tray
Drag & Drop between Palette Builder, palettes, and text editors
Adjust hue, saturation and lightness of individual colors or groups of colors.
Multilevel undo
Auto start-up
7th September 2003
Select screen colors using dropper tool with built in magnifier
Type in color specifications using any format
Select colors using the Windows Color Picker
Find analogous, triads & complements and more.
Adjust lightness of individual colors
Perfect for generating website colors. Toggle between web-safe & unmodified colors.
Supports multiple palettes
Import and export individual palettes as XML files.
Option to automatically copy selected colors to the clipboard
Supports multiple color formats, including HTML Hex RGB, Windows RGB, CMY Comma-Sep - or define your own!
Multi-monitor support
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